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Nothing connects us more deeply than art & music. These two powerful universal languages transcend any & all barriers, uniting us in the common human experience.

Express and Invoke

The Art Cage was inspired by sights & sounds that help express & invoke the human emotions that we all share.

Custom-built with passion
& pride in the USA.

How it's made

Designed by the artist of the boutique Scala guitars, this unconventional, one-of-a-kind art piece takes the form of a guitar, one of the most iconic shapes in the world and houses the art of your choice within its curves.

The crushed red velvet lining the inside, together with multicolored ambient changing lights and embellished custom knobs on the outside, all provide a striking frame for your art.

The Art Cage is precision laser cut, hand-bent, welded, sanded, hand-painted and aged, giving you that quintessential vintage vibe that reminisces of true rock ʻnʼ roll.
Handcrafted in the heart of Los Angeles.

Dead Red Dead Red Dead Red Back

Innovative art at its finest

The Art Cage's industrial yet luxuriously smooth body, creates a daring new way for cutting-edge artists to display their work. This conversation piece gives new meaning to "finding the art within", making it the perfect addition to any music buff or art lover's collection.